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Patient Services


Blue Diamond Dental is committed to providing comprehensive dental care to our patients, helping them obtain the best dental health possible throughout their lives. To succeed at this task, preventive, restorative, and other dental services, are required.

Routine/Preventative Services

At Blue Diamond, we're equipped to help you obtain and maintain a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. From routine cleanings and checkups, we not only clean and polish your teeth, we spend all the time necessary to educate our patients on hygiene methods to help create daily habits that maintain your healthy smile. Further, with routine checkups we can spot the early warning signs of disease or other serious concerns, and implement a plan to prevent any further problems. Our Routine/Preventative Services include:

Reconstructive Services

Over time, the stresses and strains of life can take quite a toll on your teeth. Accidents, periodontal disease, and normal wear and tear can lead to broken, chipped, stained, or even missing teeth, if they are not caught and corrected. With today's technology, new materials and advanced techniques, we can keep you smiling for years to come. Our Reconstructive Services include:

Cosmetic Services

From simple whitening, straightening, and shaping procedures, Blue Diamond Dental can do it all. We listen to your needs and recommend the best solution to create the look that's precisely right for your face. Our Cosmetic Services include: