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Retirement Announcement:Join us in congratulating Dr. Wanda G. Smith on her retirement. Click here to learn more.

Our Staff



Vincent Daniels  Vincent Daniels  Daniels Staff Adalyn Pretlow has been an exemplary fixture in the dental arena for over 30 years. A Howard High School graduate and Howard University student, Adalyn has served in a myriad of roles, from dental assistant to clinical/front desk coordinator. Over the years a wealth of knowledge has been garnered and Adalyn knows all there is to know regarding dental procedures and insurances as well as the effective/efficient coordination of both. Dr. Daniels and the entire team are grateful that Adalyn continues to be a strong force contributing to the success of Blue Diamond Dental and our patients.
Vincent Daniels  Vincent Daniels  Daniels Staff Shonda Garrett is an indescribable gem in the Blue Diamond Dental family. A skilled hygienist and registered nurse, Shonda acquired not one but two degrees from Delaware Technical College and is working on a certification in Fashion Design and Marketing. She is our resident specialist in innovative patient care programs, health disparities initiatives and now social media marketing. A perfectionist at heart Shonda is second only to Melanie in finding practice/patient care weakness and identifying and designing team members training to turn any weakness into strength.
Vincent Daniels  Vincent Daniels  Daniels Staff Michelle Lamonica-Rouse, registered dental assistant came to Blue Diamond Dental a McKean High School graduate, a florist, esthetician, and dance instructor. For the past 12 years Michelle has used her multi-faceted powers for the good of the clinical department. Patient care and documentation, infection control and sterilization have been just a few of the many areas Michelle has enhanced. Dr. Daniels often smiles as he recounts the number of times Michelle gets him the instruments, materials et. al. that he needs before he can even ask and can finish most of his sentences as well. So you see Michelle is an indispensable part of the Blue Diamond Dental team
Vincent Daniels  Vincent Daniels  Daniels Staff Nancy Moxley, registered dental hygienist at Blue Diamond Dental has had the privilege of being the dental home for Nancy since she graduated from Delaware Technical College with her Dental Hygiene Degree. Nancy is an excellent clinician and has been the brain trust behind our monthly Topic Board providing important health and other related information for patients to read while in the waiting room. She and Shonda work closely to revisit, revise and/or expand the hygiene protocols for excellence in patient care. Recently, Nancy and Shonda designed and orchestrated training of the entire staff on Infection Control.