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Retirement Announcement:Join us in congratulating Dr. Wanda G. Smith on her retirement. Click here to learn more.

About Blue Diamond Dental


Welcome to our Office online, where you will learn all about Dr. Daniels, the staff, our mission, treatment philosophy, our continuing education and community outreach.

Blue Diamond Dental was established as an opportunity to provide stellar dental services at a level that would enhance the patient’s oral, dental and personal wellbeing.

"It is with much appreciation and thanks that I have had the opportunity to serve the patients who have been in my care over the years. It has truly been an honor and a blessing to serve each and every one of our patients."

Every effort has been taken to assemble and keep a tremendously gifted and talented staff of ladies. From the front desk and administration team to both the clinical and hygiene departments, these ladies provide excellent care to all patients. Without a doubt, it is because of these wonderful women that allow Blue Diamond Dental to operate at a level of excellence and satisfaction.

Throughout the years, it has been crucial for us as a team to stay current with the multitude of changes that have taken place in the dental profession. To benefit our patients, we have remained active by taking various Continuing Education courses that are designed to keep us up-to-date with the most current dental discoveries. As we move forward, the commitment to serving and providing a great service to our patients is our #1 priority. We customize our treatment based on one's individual needs. Whether they are young or old, have full or partial dentition, or even present with problems, we believe we provide patients with the utmost care and innovative technology.